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Rating 4.5 /5.0

This score is based on user ratings and our scenario based testing.
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Rating 3.7/5.0

Verification supporting stats






Services provided by Shufti Pro

KYC Suite

  • Face Biometric Verification
  • Document Verification
  • Age Verification
  • eID Verification
  • Reusable KYC
  • Video KYC
  • Liveness Detection
  • Perpetual KYC
  • Address Verification


  • AML for Business
  • PEP Screening
  • Watchlists Screening
  • Adverse Media Screening
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fitness & Probity Checks
  • Sanctions Screening
  • On-going Monitoring


  • Know Your Business (KYB)
  • Know Your Transaction (KYT)
  • Payment Fraud Prevention
  • OCR for business
  • ID Number Checks
  • ESign
  • Hardware Scanner Devices
  • Flexible delivery model
  • 2FA Verification
  • On-premises verification
  • NFC Verification
  • Identity Access Management
  • Travel Rule
  • Phone Risk Assessment
  • Email Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory Reports

Our Evaluation


  • Meets major compliance & security standards and possess major verification attributes.
  • Sleek and crisp design, multiple upload options, one task per screen experience.
  • Dashboard has visual elements and other screens have easier workflow with key information at hands.
  • Impressive speed enabling quick resolution and verification processes that yields accurate ID verification and compliance checks, enhancing fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.
  • Facial recognition technology provides smooth user experience.

  • Improvements could be made in the documentations area. Integration facilities also lack in some places.
  • capture screen lacks outlined markings to assist the user.
  • Limited flexibility in accepting certain official documents, which could be inconvenient for users with specific identification types.
  • Lack of clarity in instructions for document submission and experienced technical issues such as looping back in the verification process.
  • The manual payment process is inconvenient.
4.1 This score is based the costumer journey on desktop and mobile phone.
Ease of Use

Industry average: 4.5

4.5 This score is based on the response time of the customer support in different scenarios .
Quality of Support

Industry average: 3.9

4.9 Based on the response time and accuracy on fraudulent /originals documents from multiple countries
Accuracy Score

Industry average: 3.5

  • Documents Testing
  • 4.9 Accuracy Rating

Fast processing speed (8sec - 22sec) coupled with super-high accuracy for both original and counterfeit documents. Reports are highly in-depth and visually pleasing.

Accuracy - Fake Document Testing

  • Accepted - ID Cards
  • Declined - ID Cards
  • UAE
  • Austria
  • Turkey
  • USA
  • France
  • Netherland
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Italy
Accuracy - Original Document Testing

  • Accepted
  • Not Supported
  • Declined
  • ID Cards
  • Passport
  • License
KYC Journey

Rating & Comments


Comments:Comments: Sleek and crisp design, multiple upload options, one task per screen experience. However, on-screen messages instructions could be improved.

User Consent & On-Boarding

Pros: Clearly asks for user consent to agree to their privacy policy and verifies that the age of the user is above 16.

Pros: The language button is right in the middle and gets the user’s attention. ShuftiPro branding is also there.

Cons: The QR code icon is available in the top right corner which is not a good thing with UX prespective.

Convenience On Document Capturing

Pros: Tooltip is a good addition to convey the meaning to the users. The user is provided with three (3) modes to submit the proofs.

Pros: The progress bar is a good addition here. Also, the stepper above is conveying the total number of steps to the user. Document Icons are also conveying the meaning to the user completely. The Camera is in full width while taking the selfie, helping the user to adjust the document in the camera easily.

Cons: As our user audience is very diverse, if a granny has to capture the card while shivering, it would be hard for her to hold the card with one hand and click the button with the other.

Convenience On Selfie Capturing

In Selfie camera mode, it is asking user if “the information is well visible to you” The question is not appropriate as what sort of information should be clear in a selfie?

Cons: It also has a lot of white spaces in the follow-up screens which is not a good UX.

Cons: The progress bar is buggy as it gets stuck at one point even if the user has gone to further stages.

Overall KYC Journey Smoothness And Culmination

Pros: The overall journey is smooth with one task per screen experience however there are minor bugs that can disturb a user’s experience.

Pros: It gives a verification completed also progress bar also reaches 100%

Pros: It educated the user on their right the request an erasure of their data.

Cons: Proceed button here does not convey the next step’s meaning and the user is not educated on what next is to come.

KYC Journey

Rating & Comments


Comments:Comments: Sleek and crisp design, multiple upload options, one task per screen experience with explanatory on-screen messaging. However, capture screen lacks outlined markings to assist the user.

User Consent & On-Boarding Mobile

Pros: Shufti Pro’s initial screen is designed with simplicity, with the main point of focus being the age requirement, which is highlighted in the text. This helps to guide the user through the process and make the buttons easily approachable.

Cons: The search bar for selecting the country could be wider, which would make it easier for users to find their country of residence. Additionally, the color of the country’s name used on the screen seems to be out of theme and could be improved to match the overall design.

Cons: The instructions provided on the screen are clear and to the point, but some guidance based on images could be more impactful for users who do not take the time to read the content. This could be achieved by adding annotated illustrations or images to guide users through the process.

Convenience On Document Capturing Mobile

Pros: Shufti Pro uses the native camera on the device, providing clear results, and the process of capturing the documents is straightforward and easy to understand.

Cons: The capture screen could benefit from outlined markings to assist the user in positioning the document correctly.

Pros: Based on the verification settings, the user is also asked to confirm the OCR data before submitting. This helps to ensure that the data is accurate and that the user has a chance to review and correct any errors. Additionally, Shufti Pro confirms the image quality with the user before submitting the proofs, which helps to ensure that the best possible image is provided.

Convenience On Selfie Capturing

Pros: The instructions provided on this screen are clear and easy to understand, and the button placement is consistent. This makes it easy for users to understand the process and increases the chances of successful verification.

Pros: Shufti Pro uses the native camera on the device, which provides clear results, and the user has the option to capture the image again if necessary.

Overall KYC Journey Smoothness And Culmination Mobile

Pros: Shufti Pro maintains consistency in its user interface throughout the entire process, and it takes feedback from the end-users, which can help to improve the service.

Cons: The “”Poor”” button and the “”Skip”” button overlap each other, which may cause confusion for users. Additionally, the layout of the buttons could be improved for better usability.

Pros: Shufti Pro provides an interactive loader to keep the user engaged on the screen while



Rating: 4.9


2-3 hours response time with direct communication. Improvements could be made in understanding of users’ issue by the staff.


Tool Used For Calling


Response Time

2-3 hours on average 4.6

Agenda:Agenda was clear, and a formal invite was sent.

Scenario 1

We created the account on Shufti Pro with a business email. We did some testing; then the account got blocked. On blocking, we get an email for support to move toward production and top-up. But for the entire duration, no one came to see our use case and what we were trying to achieve. However, in other cases, different teams reach out.

Scenario 2

The support representative does not read the thread and sends an email asking the same question that was previously answered. Most business/sales representatives use an upbeat tone in their emails. They reach out and ping on their own, but in the case of Shufti Pro, communication appears to be very direct.




Comments:Shufti Pro has a user-friendly interface and features supportive for developers, compliance, and product teams of merchants.


Pros: A very interactive gif is shown on the login page. In addition to that, ReCaptcha is also there to protect the system from bot attacks. Furthermore, copyright is also present on the screen.






Product Demos



Comments:Supports the most integration methods with SDKs, PHP, Node, Javascript, etc. Minor mprovements could be made in the documentations area. Supports many integration facilities.

Integration Methods


Android SDK

Along with iOS SDK Shufti Pro also provides Android SDK.

React Native SDK (Expo Environment)

It was available initially, but now deprecated. For details, please refer here.

View image

React Native SDK (CLI Environment).

It’s available and details are mentioned here.

Npm Module For React Native

Available via 3rd party.

View image


Not available.


Not available.

Flutter Plugin

Not available.


Available via API. Refer to the documentation.


Available via API .


Not available.


Not available.

Hosted Verification Page

No details are present in API documentation. But in services it ismentioned.

view image


It’s Available. Here is the API documentation and Github repository. API documentation is properly structured along with global search. Visually there is a room for improvement.


Not available.

Apache Cordova Plugin

Not available.

Documentation Details
Explanation Through Flowcharts

These are provided in API documentation, but more details would will help the developers a lot.

Easy To Understand

Yes, global search bar, side navigation is helpful to find the required use cases.

All Documentations Are On The Same Page

Expo CLI documentation is not updated.

Integration Facilities
Country-Based Restriction In SDK.

Not available.

Multi-Lingual Response Settings

Not available.

Custom Webhook Creation

Not available.

Custom Application Token

Not available.

Specific Permissions To The App Tokens

Not available.

IP Restriction On App Tokens

Not available.

Sample Codes In Different Languages

It’s Available.

Sample Codes Android/IOS


UI-Based SDK Settings

Not available.

Auto-Code Generator

Shufti Pro provides this feasibility and it’s very helpful for the developers. Reference.

Run API On Postman Right Away

Yes, some API but not all.

File Size Mentioned?


TTL Custom Time


API Token Health Stats

Not available.

Authentication Mechanism

Basic Auth, Access Token.

Average Response Time


Third-Parties Custom Integration
Twillio For SMS

Not available.

Slack Bot

Not available.

Google Signin

Not available.


Not available.

Other Specifications


Auto-Capture SDK


Test ID Documents For Testing


Verification Details
Device Details Against Verification

Available only on the report.

View image

Browser Details

Available only in the report.

View image

Detailed Verification Logs In The Backoffice

Available in the report and backoffice.

System Logs

Not available.

Time Zone Setting


Total Verification Time

End-users can get themselves verified within 30-60 seconds. Some services, for instance, facial biometric verification, take even less than 5 seconds to verify users.

Compliance Perspective

  • GDPR
  • P2DS
  • CCPA
  • TCPA
  • ISMS
  • SOC 2 Type 1
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • ISO/IEC 27017
  • PII
  • PSD2
  • ETSI EN 319 411-2
  • MTL
  • FCA
  • WAS 2.0
  • CIP
  • OFAC
  • MAS
  • FATF
  • FinCEN
  • IBeta Certification - Face Liveness
  • Privacy Shield Framework
  • AML Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • NIST
  • PAD
  • Security Implementation
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • SSO Signup
  • Schedule Audits
  • Auto Logout In Case Of Inactivity
  • Role/Permission Based Users
  • Crypto Compliance
  • FinCEN And FATF-Basedd Crypto Compliance
  • Verification Attributes
  • Custom Verification Flow
  • Behavior Data Monitoring
  • Browser And Geo-Location Tracking
  • Custom Instructions Addition
  • Provided List Of Documents
  • Age Restriction Setting
  • Custom Fuzzy Match Value
  • Ignore Middle Name Mismatch
  • Customize Documents Expiry Months
  • Custom Filed Extraction
  • Country-Based Settings For Front And Back Side Of Document
  • Custom Re-Try Option
  • Detailed Decline Reasons
  • Enhanced Document Settings
  • Verification Data Deletion Option
  • Export CSV/Excel Option
  • Export PDF Option
  • Decline Reason Stats On Dashboard

data retention policy


Comments:2 years data retention policy

Data Retention Tenure:

2 years

Source Link:
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