Onfido was founded in 2012 with a vision of making compliance and Fraud prevention easier and digital identity simple for everyone. Over 900 companies have reaped the benefits of Onfido’s Digital Identity Platform. Onfido is on a fast-paced track to becoming a game changer in Real Identity Platforms and making compliance simpler and better for everyone.

Industries Served: Financial services, Gaming, Healthcare, Marketplaces & communities, Retail & eCommerce, Telecommunications, Transport

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Verification supporting stats

2.5K+ Documents
195+ Countries
Multi+ Languages

Services provided by Onfido

KYC Suite

  • Face Biometric Verification availableFace Biometric Verification
  • Document Verification availableDocument Verification
  • Age Verification
  • eID Verification
  • Reusable KYC
  • Video KYC
  • Liveness Detection
  • Perpetual KYC
  • Address Verification


  • AML for Business
  • PEP Screening
  • Watchlists Screening
  • Adverse Media Screening
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fitness & Probity Checks
  • Sanctions Screening
  • On-going Monitoring


  • Know Your Business (KYB)
  • Know Your Transaction (KYT)
  • Payment Fraud Prevention
  • OCR for business
  • ID Number Checks
  • ESign
  • Hardware Scanner Devices
  • Flexible delivery model

  • 2FA Verification
  • On-premises verification
  • NFC Verification
  • Identity Access Management
  • Travel Rule
  • Phone Risk Assessment
  • Email Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory Reports

Our Evaluation

  • 2-3 hours response time with support having good product knowledge and adequate resolve procedures.
  • Supports all major integration methods with good documentation and major support of integration facilities.
  • Meets the most compliance & security standards and possess major verification attributes.
  • Clear instructions and offers a user-friendly experience during the onboarding process, making it easy for users to successfully complete identity verification.
  • Less customization options and the ability to personalize the interface to align with their brand.
  • Faced difficulties with Onfido’s Studio and its limitations, requiring them to overcome integration issues. Monorepo-style app integration poses specific challenges.
  • Occasionally rejects genuine documents, even after multiple attempts to upload them, causing inconsistency in document acceptance.
  • Technical issues, such as camera connectivity problems or the web app not functioning correctly on certain devices or browsers.
  • Instructions & capture screen could have some visual direction or outline.



Industry average: 4


Ease of Use

Industry average: 4.5


Quality of Support

Industry average: 3.9


Accuracy Score

Industry average: 3.5


Compliance Certifications

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