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KYC AML Guide is a KYC Technology Buying Consultancy with close proximity with global innovation hubs notably DIFC and ADGM in UAE. KYC AML Guide assist financial institutions and new economy businesses pick the right KYC solution to streamline their customer onboarding and identity verification. KYC AML Guide's B2B matchmaking platform connects client requirements with tailored KYC solutions.

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Objectivity about us


KYC AML Guide have devised quantitative metrics to evaluate KYC solutions on KPIs that matter the most to clients.

Expertise about us


With over 2+ decades of cumulative experience and 100+ deployment consultations, we make sure that your KYC process is swift.

Transparent Methodology about us

Transparent Methodology

KYC AML Guide follow an extensive and transparent process in all our reviews, ensuring you understand the why behind our ratings.

Exclusivity about us


Our KYC Vendors Analysis is the industry’s first ever approach to rate KYC solutions performance metrics.