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Leverage valuable insights to assist your team in asking the right questions, requirements assessment, and potential vendors to consider from our KYC Solutions Directory.


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Optimize your spending and minimize switching and non-compliance risks with expert proposal reviews, ensuring you make the most of your investments.


Choose the right KYC solution after utilizing our extensive research to suit your unique requirements and never lose a customer to inefficient verification journeys again.

Things To Know When Choosing a KYC Vendor

Before KYC AML Guide

Inadequate senior support hampers user onboarding rates.

Accessibility hinders special needs users' verification.

Higher decline rates due to blur selfies taken from cameras of legacy devices.

Limiting document coverage hindering worldwide expansion of your services.

Reduced accuracy caused by blurry images from legacy device cameras.

Differing language documents causing increased response times.

Low bandwidth disrupts verification, causing journey gaps and higher churn.

Difficult user experience from backend issues, integrations, and core features.

Undetectable fake documents used to maintain a high acceptance rate.

After KYC AML Guide

  Reduced Research Time

Choose and deploy KYC Solution in days

   Prevent Switching Cost

Take risk-free implementation decision

   Diminished Churn Rate

No Sale lost to Hiccups in KYC Journey

   Regulatory Assessment

Jurisdictional Compliance Audit

Coverage of our Vendors Analysis

Our parametric approach to testing KYC solutions helps us match client requirements to the right vendors.

Tested on 10+ devices to measure performance across legacy systems.
20+ original documents tested to ensure false rejection rate accuracy.
Documents in 30+ languages are tested to measure accuracy and response time.
Face matching testing with different physical and racial features.
Face testing with different accessories, backgrounds, and glare directions.
50+ forged documents tested to ensure false acceptance rate accuracy.
Granny test to rate auto-capturing functionality for ease of use by senior citizens.
Tests conducted on bandwidths ranging from 1mbps to 50mbps.
Accessibility testing based on WCAG 3.0 guidelines.
Analysis of KYC journeys based on different user personas.

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