WALLIX and Cris Réseaux join forces to bring WALLIX IDaaS to SMEs!

June 20, 2023

WALLIX, a European cybersecurity software publisher partnered today with a French service management distributor Cris Réseaux. This alliance is focused on allowing Cris Réseaux to add WALLIX’s IDaaS to its distribution network of 1500 resellers. It will amplify WALLIX’s marketing efforts by utilizing Cris’s cutting-edge distribution platform. Cris has made €50M in sales in 2022 with a 23% growth rate.
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Laurent Gentil, Channel Director at WALLIX, says, “The partnership with Cris Réseaux opens up a new market for WALLIX and allows us to expand our IDaaS reach to a large number of resellers and medium-sized companies, who will benefit from our expertise in the field of cybersecurity.”

Frederic Masclet, The Managing Director of Cris Réseaux says, “This partnership coheres with our prime objective of providing an end-to-end sovereign offering. WALLIX IDaaS enables users to authenticate and certify individuals authorized to access sensitive resources, meeting all our customer’s requirements.”

Source: MarketScreener