Quantexa and ING Join Forces to Enhance Anti-Money Laundering Measures

May 15, 2023

Today, another strategic partnership is announced, creating a bond between two industry leaders to enhance the scope of Anti-Money Laundering efforts.
Quantexa and ING will now work together to mitigate the ill of Money Laundering and other fin-crime through combined technologies of ING’s risk detection with Quantexa’s decision intelligence.

Quantexa is a world-renowned Decision Intelligence solution provider for both public and private sectors. It makes data meaningful for organizations for enhancing their operational decisions.

Quantexa combines AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Advanced Graph Analytics for bringing the new partnership with ING to a whole new level in the fight against money laundering and other financial crime.

Last Month, Quantexa also raised $129 million at a $1.8 billion valuation for navigating customers against online fraud.

This partnership sets an example for the fintech and banks towards collaborative efforts against a common good cause.

ING chose Quantexa’s platform to enhance its existing internal transaction data management and incorporate external data for the completion of a 360-degree view of customer risk. Furthermore, to automate its financial security at an enhanced level, ING is now working with Quantexa to roll out a globally expanded effort in Banking and Financial Security.
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Dan Higgins Statement

Quantexa’s Chief Product Officer, Dan Higgins said, “To prevent money laundering in the most effective manner, we need to understand the way how criminals behave. We are excited to partner with ING for long-term success in innovation and committed to supporting them for improved risk management significantly.”
This partnership sets another benchmark in stringency against Money Laundering at the global level. Stay tuned for more information on Anti-Money Laundering AML and KYC in banking. Visit kycaml.guide for more information.