Sylq Harnesses ThetaRay’s Revolutionary AI for Enhanced Transaction Monitoring

May 30, 2023

Today, Sylq announced its collaboration with ThetaRay for improving its Transaction Monitoring through the Artificial Intelligence model of the latter. This AI-based transaction monitoring alongside automated customer screening will support company growth.

Sylq acquired ThetaRay’s cutting-edge AI customer screening solution for enhancing its KYB and KYC onboarding processes. A high level of automation is expected for monitoring transactions, watchlists screening & maintaining the updated database of PEPs, adverse media, and sanction lists.
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Sylq is known as the first European merchant platform with its entirety in services. Basically, it was founded as a merger of a French Telecom service provider Synalcom with the Fintech company Qori.

Daniel Maurice Vallery, CEO of Sylq says, “ThetaRay’s upscale SaaS screening and transaction monitoring has a uniquely built infrastructure that will help us optimize our workflow and maintain a cloud-based architecture for streamlining payment offering. We envision growing by simplifying business operations for French and European merchants. We strive to achieve perfection in the end-to-end process of customer identification & verification.”

Mark Gazit, CEO of Theta Ray says, ”We are thrilled by collaborating with a leading European payment service provider where we expect high business growth and harnessing the opportunities. Through our advanced AI and Machine Learning models, Fintech firms can maintain and improve their trust level and safeguard their payment networks against financial crimes. We also look forward to facilitating firms like Sylq in ensuring compliance and improving customer experience.”