NICE Actimize Achieves Top KYC Vendor Position in Technology Excellence by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

June 15, 2023

NICE Actimize secures the top KYC/CDD (Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence) position in Technology Excellence KYC Report 2023 by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

The globally recognized consulting firm recently released its “SPARK Matrix” which shows a consolidated graph of 23 KYC vendors. The matrix compares the technological performance and its impact on the customers of these KYC vendors. NICE Actimize has scored as the top performer under the parameters and maintained its position for the third consecutive year.

Key Strengths of NICE Actimize

NICE Actimize offers an all-in-one KYC and CDD solution by the name CD-X. It covers customer onboarding, due diligence, enhanced due diligence, and risk management processes. The solution provided by NICE Actimize entails data intelligence, Identity Solutions, Enhanced Risk mitigation models, risk scoring, and simulation. It does so to facilitate the firms in understanding risks, customers, and complete compliance structure.

The report highlights that NICE Actimize is offering real-time identity solutions enabling clients to deal with multiple data sources in real-time while resolving customer data duplication issues. This Data Deduplication has high accuracy in screening and segmentation while carrying out ongoing monitoring. NICE Actimize also ensures to the investigators, a high level of precision, centralized records, and help them in decision-making.
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Vaishali Moitra, The Analyst of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions says, “Once again we recognize NICE Actimize’s extensive and innovative technological leadership in advancing the KYC Solutions. They have maintained this position through smart risk scoring to achieve high-level accuracy in customer risk assessment.”

Craig Costigan, CEO of NICE Actimize states, “NICE Actimize aims to combine Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Intelligent Process Automation in the domain of KYC and CDD. We are focused on achieving the highest possible levels of efficiency in customer risk mitigation through a holistic approach. Such insights allow us to respond to the opportunities & threats in a speedy manner where we can maintain the customer life cycle without compromising compliance and client satisfaction.”

About NICE Actimize

NICE Actimize is considered one of the largest KYC/CDD services primarily focused on risk and compliance solutions targeting the global and regional FIs (Financial Institutions). It also serves government regulatory agencies. Consecutively, it has secured the top position in technological innovation and customer satisfaction for three years. For more information visit: NICE Actimize

Source of the News: Business Wire