Quantifind Introduces Its AI-enabled Risk Identification Technology To Mitigate Potential Threats

May 24, 2023

The world-renowned intelligent “Process Automation” solution provider enables Proactive Screening and Ongoing Monitoring for risk management.

Quantifind announced its latest development in the field of risk identification and automation through AI technology where its solution will help organizations screen the threats through reverse screening. The AI solution not only assesses risk in the domain of national security but also in the financial sector.

More Focused & More Empowered against the Unknown Risks

Risk Management becomes complicated and time-consuming when compliance professionals or risk analysts have insufficient data or access to sensitive information. Also, the inefficiency is increased due to an organization’s inability to deal with potential threats and inaccessibility to unclassified networks.
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Quantifind has an AI-based Risk detection solution that combines “Graphyte”; unique features of Risk Intelligence. Through these robust risk detection and risk monitoring solutions, analysts will be able to carry out the risk assessment in real-time.

Quantifind may offer a unique for its capability of utilizing comprehensive knowledge-based graphs for data collection in risk-related information and generating entity lists with a high level of relevancy.

The Functionality of Risk Analysis in the Defense Sector

Craig Dudley, Ph.D., Division Chief, Department of Defense states, “It is crucially important for Risk analysts to understand the threat specifics ranging from regional to global scenario. They also need to process large and complex information where Graphyte Discover is a new technology that combines open-source data and allows analysts to assess the entities and links to threats pertinent to risk.”

Real-Time Mapping of Global Influence Networks

Quantifind’s new approach to risk management utilizes multiple risk identifiers with a unique filtering mechanism powered by the ‘GraphyteDiscover’ application. The produced risk report contains elaborative and interactive graphs and maps that are networked to connect risk profiles and global data. Global banks and financial institutions may leverage Quantified for improving KYC/AML processes with external data.

Quantified As an Augmented Product

Adam Mulliken, Chief Product Officer of Quantifind said, “We continue to push our limits for the real-world application of Artificial Intelligence. We continue to deliver fast-paced scalable and cost-effective solutions for Risk monitoring. We have enabled our customers to focus on streamlining their risk management processes.”

Following are the advances that Quantifind’s AI solution uniquely offers to the stakeholders:

  • Introducing an advanced Knowledge Graph that utilizes real-time data, enabling users to assess relationship risks instantly.
  • Improved risk models that leverage contextual information for greater accuracy, processing millions of unstructured documents daily.
  • Extending machine translation and transliteration capabilities to over 100 languages and scripts, on a large scale.

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