UK Post Office to Make One Login More Accessible with In-Person Service

August 30, 2023

The UK government has partnered with the UK Post Office to make the One Login program more accessible for people with lower digital skills. As per the UK Government press release, the partnership will make online verification services more accessible, persons with lower digital skills will be able to verify their identity more easily for most people being within 10 miles of Post Office verifying their identity.

In-person identity verification through UK post offices will be initiated soon. 

The partnership will make online services more accessible particularly for those who can’t verify themselves online.

Natalie Jones, the Director of Digital Identity from Government Digital Services said in Press Release, “People across the UK already visit their local Post Office branch regularly, making them a trusted place to seek advice and support.”

What Is UK Government’s One Login Program?

UK Government’s One Login program which is currently in the rollout phase aims to utilize the concept of one username, one password, one account, and one identity to make it easier for the citizens to access the government services.

Setting up One Login account is not that complicated but still it could be challenging for citizens who are not tech-savvy or lack relevant digital skills. An email address and access to a smartphone number is required to set up the account.

As per Gov. UK press releases One Login app has been downloaded more than 3 million times until now. Users who have a photo ID can use One Login Identity to verify for the services within 10 minutes.

Some of the government services that are accessible through One Login Identity are conducting DBS checks, applying for pension credits accessing self-assessment tax returns, etc.

Why In-Person Identification Is Important

Innovative measures, whether regulatory or technological are useless until they don’t address the inclusion. While Gov.UK One Login makes it comfortable to access the services it may leave those behind who find it tough to prove their identity online for not being able to use the tech solutions. A challenge that KYC AML Guide has addressed in the latest whitepaper Diversity and Usage and Users Persona- Challenges in KYC.

Since the purpose of One Login is to offer hassle free access to government services by eliminating the need of separate verification for all departments, it is necessary to ensure that everyone gets to use the service. In person identification through a department which is already within reach of citizens can indeed make it easy for everyone to access the service.