Interpol Blocks Bank Accounts, Seizes Millions as Part of Operation Jackal

August 8, 2023

Interpol has launched a crackdown on the West African organized crime group Black Axe. Financial Crime units, cyber agencies, and police units from 21 countries were mobilized as part of Operation Jackal that took place between May 15 and May 29.

Interpol blocked 200 bank accounts, linked to illegal proceeds of online financial crime, and arrested many suspects associated with criminal networks deemed as a global security threat.

Apart from bank account closure, the operation resulted in 103 arrests 1,110 suspects identification, 103 arrests and the seizure of EUR 2.15M.

1.4M EUR were seized and recovered followed by four investigations from Portugal. Furthermore, EUR 225,655 was recovered from criminal cases involving Irish companies.

Collaborative Effort from Interpol Member Countries

The clampdown on criminal networks at such a huge scale was apparently made possible due to collaboration from member countries. Isaac Kehinde Oginni, Director of Interpol’s Financial Crime and Anti-Corruption Centre, stated that successful operations involving so many countries showed what could be achieved involving international cooperation and would serve as a connected police action against financial crime.

How It Was Made Possible?

Intelligence sharing and crime analysis assisted by Interpol officials deployed in countries like Spain, Cote d’Ivoire, and Portugal supported local law enforcement. The agency coordinated by checking criminal network databases, analyzing seized devices, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies in other member countries.

Interpol is already investing in its I-Core project aimed at harnessing technology for better intelligence sharing. The project includes Smart Case Messaging and Biometrics for frontline policing to fight criminals. Countries like Netherlands, Germany and Saudi Arabia have also contributed to funding for this project. By harnessing the power of technology, agency will be able to use data analytics technology and swift information sharing for collaborative cross-border policing.

Other countries which participated in Operation Jackal included South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Nigeria, Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and Canada.