IATA Unveils GenNext Travel Documentation and Verification System to Support Contactless Travel

December 18, 2023

The IATA, International Air Transport Association, has rolled out an advanced travel documentation and verification system to enhance passenger experience by promoting contactless travel. Establishing an innovative standard in travel compliance solutions, Timatic, Travel Information Manual Automatic, has undergone a comprehensive revamp, as per press release by IATA.

Timatic Autocheck, following the success of its predecessor, aims to provide a simplified and interactive experience while facilitating convenient access for travelers, airlines, and airline professionals.

The process of document checking has been completely automated, featuring specific instructions for each passenger.

IATA reportedly said in a statement, “With passenger traffic set to double by 2040, the optimization and enhancement of airport processes will need to continue. Verifying passengers’ travel documentation is one of the more time-consuming tasks which will benefit from further automation.”

Latest Features of Timatic AutoCheck

Timatic Autocheck’s latest features will facilitate the industry’s shift towards contactless travel.  While talking about the new product, Frederic Leger, IATA’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Products and Services, stated: “Taking advantage of traveler willingness to use online processes and share information in advance, Timatic AutoCheck enables airlines, ground handlers, departure control systems, and travel agents a customer friendly online solution, through which travelers can check that they comply with all immigration requirements before setting off to the airport.”

The integration process for Timatic AutoCheck into airline reservation systems, departure control systems (DCS), and distribution systems used by travel agencies and online booking platforms is seamless.

Moreover, the product comes with the following advancements;

Simplified Regulatory Content

Timatic Autocheck incorporates travel regulations with simplified and user-friendly language, facilitating better understanding. Travelers no longer have to learn specialized terms or decipher complex regulations, as the information is now delivered clearly and concisely.

Interactive Data-Driven Approach

Using the potential of data, users will receive step-by-step instructions throughout the compliance process, confirming they possess all necessary documents and meet entry requirements. By entering travel details, users will receive tailored responses.

Practical Recommendations

Whether users are verifying visa requirements, health regulations, or entry restrictions, they receive specific instructions on how to proceed and comply with regulations, enabling them to address any concern where required.

Enhanced Automation

The latest advancement in automation improves the self-service check-in experience. Airlines can opt to integrate Timatic AutoCheck into their systems, empowering passengers to independently verify their travel documents compliance status through various check-in options available.

Leading DCS providers such as Amadeus, Hitit, and Sabre, along with multiple airlines and Star Alliance, are collaborating with IATA to integrate Timatic AutoCheck, representing a significant move towards a seamless and contactless travel environment.