AU10tix and X Face Allegations of Data Sharing with Israeli Security Agencies

June 10, 2024

Au10tix, an Israel-based identity verification company, used by X to verify users is currently facing allegations from X influencers, claiming that it shares user details with Israeli authorities.

Au10tix has provided identity verification services to X and major companies such as Uber, Google, and PayPal. Their technology allows for quick verification of user identities by scanning ID cards or driver’s licenses and performing a brief video verification process, typically completed within eight seconds. X had been utilizing the services of Au10tix even before Musk acquired the social media network approximately two years ago.

According to media reports rebutting critics on X, Au10TIX executives including founder Ron Atzmon and CEO Dan Yerushalmi, do not have backgrounds in intelligence units. Atzmon is an Israel Navy veteran, while Yerushalmi served in the IDF Communications Corps and held a VP sales position at Check Point.

The debate intensified after notifications were sent to X influencers, requiring them to pass identity verification checks by July 1 to continue earning revenue from the platform. X’s identity verification feature is facing criticism for various reasons. The technical concerns include users reporting difficulties and errors during the verification process.

Additionally, there are privacy concerns surrounding the handling and storage of user data. The privacy concerns also encompass the practice of requesting user’s IDs, and home addresses and capturing images of their faces during the verification process. Users are concerned about the Israeli government potentially having access to personal information. These activists urge X  to end its partnership with Au10tix. They are raising concerns as mentioned

AU10tix and X Face Allegations of Data Sharing with Israeli Security Agencies
AU10tix and X Face Allegations of Data Sharing with Israeli Security Agencies

However, according to reports rebutting the claims, user information processed by Au10tix for X is stored on Microsoft servers in the US, UK, and Japan, ensuring that data is not shared directly with Au10tix. Some sources suggest that opposition to Au10tix’s activities may be driven by concerns from influencers involved in defamation campaigns against Israel or those employed by foreign entities wary of an Israeli company handling identity verification.

Au10tix maintains that it complies with all international privacy standards and does not share user details with any third party. The company has a longstanding reputation in the industry, providing services to significant clients without any incidents of data misuse.

As the situation unfolds, all eyes will be on Elon Musk to see how he addresses these allegations and balances X’s users’ technical and privacy concerns.