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Nov 22, 2023

KYC Vendor Improves Identity Verification and Market Orientation with KYC AML Guide

In this case study, you will witness the real-time milestone achievement of a KYC Vendor that acquired expert consultancy of KYC AML Guide to improve its Identity Verification process and improve its clientele. Learn how the KYC AML Guide redefined the KYC Vendor’s approach to identity verification elevating the service standards and achieving market expansion.


Know Your Customer (KYC) Vendors form the cornerstone of regulatory compliance and risk management. However, an emerging challenge for KYC identity verification solutions is the integration of senior users, who often face technological and physical hurdles in customer onboarding. This case study aims to address the specific challenge of false negatives during the onboarding of older customers, exacerbated by factors such as shaky hands during selfie verification and difficulties with Identity document authentication. Through a meticulous research lens, we explore the strategic consultation provided by KYC AML Guide, which not only rectified the false negative issue but also expanded the client's market reach.


A leading KYC Identity Verification Solution provider was confronted with an increase in false negatives among customers. These customers, vital to the inclusive expansion of financial services, were struggling with selfie-based verification due to older smartphone models, unsteady hands, and were not as adept with technology, leading to higher churn rates. Moreover, the solution's ID document verification algorithms were not optimized for wear-and-tear commonly found in older documents, causing further false rejections. This dual setback not only impeded user experience but also posed a risk to the provider's reputation and growth objectives, underscoring an urgent need for an adaptable and empathetic solution.

The Research-Driven Solution

To address these challenges, KYC AML Guide employed a two-pronged approach rooted in comprehensive research and market intelligence.

User Experience Optimization for the Elderly:

  1. KYC AML Guide initiated a granular analysis of the Identity Verification tool, focusing on the user journey of customers. By employing an empathy-driven research methodology, the guide identified critical pain points unique to the demographic. Subsequently, it recommended augmenting the verification process with features such as:
    1. Introducing an auto-capturing feature to counteract the effect of shaky hands during live captures.
    2. Enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) to better process worn-out ID documents.
  2. KYC AML Guide also recommended simplified user interfaces and guidance prompts tailored for users unfamiliar with digital technology.

Strategic Market Positioning:

  • KYC AML Guide helped the solution provider improve its clientele by showcasing the tool’s improved version on the website.
  • Through market strategic positioning the Identity Verification Tool became a preferred choice by fintech firms with confirmed deals.
  • The targeted approach led to the acquisition of new clients who valued the provider's commitment to serving a diverse customer base.

As a KYC Technology Buying Consultancy, we have analyzed the potential market of IDV solution buyers and identified a big gap in the reachable market that KYC Solution Provider have targeted and missed.

Here is a breakdown of the current marketing strategy of the KYC Vendor in B2B marketing:

  • The total number of potential decision makers in IDV Solution buying was 1,000,000 whereas the KYC Solution’s marketing strategy relied only on LinkedIn attracting merely 25% of the total audience i.e. (1,000,000 X 25% = 250,000).
  • The average CPM of showing an advertisement was $25.
  • For maximum impact, the advertisement was presented to the target audience thrice per individual. In other words, the impactful advertisement frequency was assumed to be 3 per individual.

Thus, the total cost of advertising through LinkedIn turned out to be:

250,000 X 3 X $25CPM = $18,750

Even after spending a staggering amount of $18,750 on a single marketing platform, the KYC Solution was only able to reach 25% of the target market. This 25% was also unpredictable in terms of confirmed leads which further emphasized the necessity to address the untouched 75% of the market to fully capitalize on the available opportunities. This strategy overlooked 75% of the market, a significant portion that remains untapped.

KYC AML Guide kicked in to reclaim this budget and captured this elusive 75% market share as well as embraced the guaranteed reach of the targeted 25%. With KYC AML Guide, it's not just about saving; it's about smart spending for smarter returns through informed decision-making.

By listing the KYC Vendor on our Solution’s Directory and featuring it on our main page, we enabled it to expand its reach and target the untapped 75% of the IDV market. Not only this but the existing 25% targeted market ensured its transition from potential to confirmed. KYC AML Guide has a ready-to-buy customer base where our Listing approach helped the KYC Solution become one of the top industry players in KYC Identity Solutions.

Outcomes and Implications:

KYC AML Guide’s Vendor Analysis visibly reduced errors for the KYC Solution provider in customer onboarding and improved the accuracy and overall user experience. KYC Solution Provider enjoyed a notable decrease in abandoning of onboarding process by old-age customers and expanded clientele. Getting listed on KYC AML Guide's website and strategic brand positioning attracted a fintech client seeking a user-friendly KYC process, expanding the Solution provider’s market presence.


This case study underscores the imperative of inclusive design in KYC solutions and demonstrates how targeted research and market intelligence can effectively address demographic-specific challenges. The collaboration between the KYC Identity Verification Solution provider and KYC AML Guide exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to regulatory technology, paving the way for more empathetic and accessible financial services.